Great Ways to Sell Your Car in NY

If you are looking for ways to sell your junk car for cash in New York, you will have no shortage of options. You can sell it to friends or family, trade it in to us when leasing a new car, sell it to a private party, donate it to a charity, or just sell it to us outright. All of these options have advantages and disadvantages, but for most people, selling your car to us is going to be the best option. We work with people from throughout New York on buying, selling, and leasing cars so we can always pay top dollar for whatever type of vehicle you have.

We’ll Buy Your Car Today

One of the biggest benefits to selling your car to us is that we can complete the transaction very quickly. You don’t have to list your car, wait for people to contact you, wait even longer for them to decide if they want to buy, or deal with other delays. We’ll come out and appraise your vehicle so we know what it is worth, and then make you an offer to purchase it. If you are thinking about leasing a car, we can give you a quote on its trade-in value as well. No matter what it is you are planning, we’ll work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Learn what Your Car is Worth

When we perform a free appraisal on your vehicle, we’ll let you know how much we can pay for it. Even if you decide not to sell to us, this will at least give you a good number to work with. If someone offers you less than what we have offered, obviously you aren’t going to want to take it. Of course, we also make it easier and safer to sell your car in New York since you’ll be dealing with a trusted leasing company the entire time. If you are thinking about selling your car in NY, please give us a call at 646-759-8833 to learn more about your options.